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Air Blast Freezer 40HP Opentype

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Descriptions :

TOTAL SEJUK INDONESIA builds Air Blast Freezer for
quick freezing of food, typically for fresh fish, processed fillet,
shrimp/prawn, and other kind of food to be preserved by freezing

Typical ABF has a low (-40 o C) room
temperature at end of freezing cycle, quite strong air flow 30000 m3/hr
~ 71000 m3/hr, and specified by its refrigeration capacity in tons of
aggregate/cycle (cycle time can be 8-10-12 hours).

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TOTAL SEJUK INDONESIA CV was started in 2001 with her business defined in the name, means “Completely Cool” refrigeration company.

Since her establishment, TOTAL SEJUK maintains her business focus on the Refrigeration Industry, such as : Cold Storage, Air Blast Freezer, Ice Block Plant and Industrial Refrigeration..

Total Sejuk Indonesia, CV
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