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Tego Film Plywood

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Descriptions :

The tego film plywood is designed as a specialty plywood coated with more than one coating materials to provide special properties (fireproof, thermal protection, water resistance) and multiple effects with improved surface cosmetics and quality.

Production : 4 ~ 30 x 1220 x 2440, 1250 x 2500

Dimension :
4 ~ 30 x 1250 x 2500

Characteristics of Products

For tego film plywood, it uses WBP film faced plywood(film type) to keep its unique characteristics. The excellent gloss, durability, and anti-abrasion properties allow this product to dominate a larger slice of market with a competitive price.


      Plywood is a board of thin veneers of timber that are put together in odd number of layers in orthogonal direction of fibers while bonding together. It has advanced physical and mechanical properties as follows

  • A wide board can be obtained.
  • High quality thin timber boards are used to ensure the efficient use of timbers.
  • The defects of timber such as nodes and holes can be removed or dispersed.
  • Veneers are laid in many layers in orthogonal direction and bonded, thus to maintain the quality of timber evenly across a sheet of plywood.
  • Penetration of resin and chemicals are ensured.


1. Construction and civil works
    With its excellent adhesiveness, water resistance and durability, the plywood is used as
     the ceiling and interior boards, prefabricated house, concrete form, or door frame.
2. Furniture
     With a moderate durability and water resistance in the normal air and moisture
    conditions, it is used for manufacturing high grade furniture, desk, kitchen table, chair
    and cabinet.
3. Automobile and shipbuilding
     With durability, water resistance, and fire resistance, it is used for treatment of interior of
    cabin, automobile and aircraft.
4. Musical instrument
     With durability and water resistance, it is also used for making organ, piano, guitar,
    drum and other musical instruments.

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