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Office Lamp RMOI M 6422 2X18

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Price Negotiable
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Descriptions :

Colour :
- White

- Specifications subject to change without a prior notice.

Several reasons for using Artolite New Lighting System :
- To improve viewing/working conditions
- Fits Most standard specifications.
- To optimize light out put
- To eliminate direct glare.
- Artolite modern fitting with highly effective reflector increase efficieny by up %.
- Produced under ISO 9001 : 2000 Certification.

Modern office system mostly using computer equipment needs a comfort of lighting to avoid eye tiredness. In addition to open space office system, a divergent light distribution is needed. To meet the aforesaid need, Artolite provides office lamp designs with louver that arranges even distribution of the light and has a high efficiency of light pursuant to costumer's need.

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PT. Artolite Indah didirikan pada tahun 1976 dan pada tahun 1987 berubah nama menjadi PT. Artolite Indah Mediatama.

PT. Artolite Indah Mediatama memiliki Pabrik seluas 20.000 M2 dan 10.000 m2 untuk perluasan, dikawasan Cimanggis dengan jumlah karyawan 400 orang..

Artolite Indah Mediatama, PT
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