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Anti Tapping

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Descriptions :

Anti Tapping

The Equipment can detect and disconnect the illegal call by
unauthorized user. When user hook-off the hand set, the equipment in
subscriber side will send scrambled codes using frequency modulation
carrier through the telephone line to the equipment central office
side. The codes will be analyzed, if invalid/unknown then call attempt
will be disconnected automatically.
The encryption technology in data transmission is used to protect the
secret codes from "Hacker" or unauthorized user.

icon Features

  • Fully microprocessor controlled

  • Line Monitor (open/short circuit)
  • Auto reset capability
  • Low power consumption
  • Loop indicator facility
  • Line bypass facility
  • Self test indicator
  • Illegal usage indicator
  • Code error indicator
  • Selectable latching alarm
  • History alarm facility
  • SE fault indicator
  • OE fault indicator
  • Automatic line connection
  • Not disturbing M&C management system
  • Not disturbing electrical performance of line telephone
  • Not disturbing incoming call of payphone
  • Remote monitor & control facility (optional

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