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Bir Bintang

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Bintang Profile

Bintang is made of selected malt, hops and water and processed with high quality
standards, and supported by Heineken International.

Bintang is a lager beer, of pilsener type, bir putih in local term with 4.8% v/v alcohol

Bintang is a national icon - Indonesia's beer, which has been around for 70 years.

Bintang Positioning

Bintang is positioned as high quality, value-for-money beer, for Indonesian males, who
value friendship and togetherness with friends.


Bintang is available throughout the archipelago, from Sabang (in the West) to Merauke (in
the East)

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In 1929, NV Nederlandsch-Indische Bierbrouwerijen wasfirst established in Medan, with a brewery in Surabaya. In 1936 the company’s seat was moved to Surabaya and in that same year Heineken NV became a major shareholder. In 1951 the company’s name was changed to Heineken’s Nederlandsch-Indische Bierbrouwerijen Maatschappij N.V. In 1972 the construction of a new brewery was started in Tangerang..

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