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Metal Work Fabrication

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DELIMAJAYA was established in 1975 with headquarter in Bogor, Indonesia. It is located in a 80,000 square-meter facility which accommodates the corporate and administrative offices, research and development, engineering, marketing and manufacturing operations, development training center, and product test facilities. The company is independently owned by Wiyanta, the founder of DELIMAJAYA Auto-Body Manufacturing Company. And it is now operated by the second generation, Winston Wiyanta, for its business operation.

DELIMAJAYA provides quality products and excellent services to its customers. To enhance durability in product quality, DELIMAJAYA has invested heavily in the introduction of advanced machines, such as numerical control machines, welding and bending machine, and full-press machine. With 550 of labors, DELIMAJAYA is committed to augment and modernize its business models, capacity utilization, vehicles design, financial performance, forward model programmed, cost reduction, efficient production, decrease labor ineffectiveness, plant investment, focus in logistics, manufacturing processing and materials selections..

PT. Delimajaya
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