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We are Future wood company and we have natural veneer,engineered veneer,wood inlay banding,marquetry,veneer edge banding,profile wrapping veneer, flooring and deck top layer veneer,etc Below ar dimension: Veneer Thickness:0.25-2mm;width:10cm and up;length:1.4M-2.7M….

Pacific Paduk Kayu Lapis Indonesia Group

Kaliawood layer construction minimizes expansion and contraction from heat and seasonal changes, thus making it a more stable and superior product. Multi Layer Coating Kaliawood UV Laquer is very rich….

Residential SMITHI

SMITHI Land Size : 102 m2 Building Size : 64 m2.

Premium Quality Cloth Tape Type 3361 (Merk Daimaru)

- 24 mm x 12 mtr 1 roll/pack, isi 120 roll/box - 36 mm x 12 mtr 1 roll/pack, isi 80 roll/box - 48 mm x 12 mtr 1 roll/pack,….

Daimaru Double Sided Tape

- 12 mm x 12 yard 1/6 roll/pack, isi 240 roll/box - 24 mm x 12 yard 1/3/6 roll/pack, isi 120 roll/box - 48 mm x 12 yard 1/3 roll/pack,….

Asahimas Mirror

Enchances Impressions of Space and LIghtThe mirror glass perfectly shows the totally clear reflection without any absorbcency and is supported by unremarkable endurance. It will be such ideal dream glass….

Rasuna Office Park

Situated conveniently in the Rasuna Epicentrum, Rasuna Office Park is a unique working place. Designed as a low-rise building, it has retail and office areas which provide mezzanine floor. Rasuna….

UAG Unity Application Generator - Productivity tools

Advanced design tool for automation solutionsDescription Unity Application Generator is an advanced design and generation software tool that integrates multiple PLCs and HMI/SCADA systems to provide an automation solution similar….

Medium Quality Cloth Tape Type 3370 (Merk Daimaru)

- 24 mm x 12 mtr 1/3/6 roll/pack, isi 120 roll/box - 36 mm x 12 mtr 1/4/8 roll/pack, isi 80 roll/box - 48 mm x 12 mtr 1/3/6 roll/pack,….

Wood Flooring - Kempas Solid Type

WOOD FLOORING SPECIFICATION Available Size  :  Thickness 10-22mm      Width       90-150mm      Length      450-4000mm Type of Finishing  :  Unfinished (smooth sanding), UV Urethane Coating Wood Species  :  Kempas….

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